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Last week at uni we did our CPR course in preparation for hospital visits. Of course, it was human-animal focussed. It made me realise though just how clueless I would be if Bob - or any non-human animal for that matter - ever became unconscious and went into cardiac arrest. So above is a video from youtube on how to administer CPR to our furry friends, and below the DRSABC steps which I’ve altered to be companion-animal friendly.

CPR for your companion animal.

DRSABC steps:

1. D for Danger: Ensure the area is safe for yourself, others, and the animal.

2. R for Response: Check for response - talk to animal, rub, squeeze ears/paws. If no response, progress to next step (S).

3. S for Send for help: Call for somebody to drive you to your nearest veterinary clinic or 24/7 Animal Emergency Hospital. If you don’t know where your nearest one is, find out now. If the animal’s heart has arrested, survival rates increase dramatically once you have access to a vet and defibrillator.

4. A for Airway: Open mouth and pull tongue forward. Remove any blood, vomit, or foreign material. Once clear, ensure animal is in recovery position and airway is open.

5. B for Breathing: Check for breathing - look, listen, feel. If breathing has stopped start CPR.

6. C for CPR: Start CPR - 4-5 rescue breaths : 15 quick chest compressions.

Please watch video, practice it, and share. 

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